Aboutthe SUSPENSE band!

"Hey, why don't we do a concert with your songs?"

It was something like that what Carlos Linhares said to his son Luã, in the middle of 2012. It seemed like a good idea for the young composer, that rescued then those songs that were waiting for years to come out to the world. It was born the dream of the SUSPENSE band, that today is already aiming the international audience.
Since that first concert, many new songs were crafted, mixing the boldness of Progressive Rock with the energy of Pop Music, with a delicious spice of jazzistic malice.
With lyrics in English language, the band songs usually talks about issues of human behavior. "Showcase of Humanity", for example, is a synth-rock with disco influences, that talk about the subject of Human Trafficking. And the rock-ballad "Second Thoughts" is a slap in the Prejudice's face.
Each song of SUSPENSE was composed to be a single, original and complete craft. You could keep wondering how would those songs be, based on vague clues, but only actually listening to them is the way to discover the real spirit of that music.

Rock Band


- Luã Linhares: lead vocal, keyboards.

- Luciano Soares: guitar.

- Carlos Linhares: bass.

- Nelson Simões: drums

Music & Videos

Release – STRANGER THINGS clip

Don’t Give Me Your Dreams live at A Autêntica, April 2016.

Days of Thunder live at Soleá, December 2014.


Second Thoughts live at Soleá, December 2014.

"Inside our minds we just try to reach what's out of sight / But all the answers may be right between our eyes..."
Between Our Eyes, SUSPENSE

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